COVIS - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention and Awareness Template

COVIS is a social awareness and medical prevention Template, which specially created for awareness of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to protect and prevent. COVIS helps you to create a quick and effective single landing page or website for public awareness of Coronavirus.

You can also use this template to build a landing page for any Medical Prevention, Viruses, Medical Facilities, Disease and all other Medical Departments and Medical Awareness.

★ Template Features ★

  • 1 unique Home Page (Light+ Dark) Variation
  • 12 column (1170px) Grid System.
  • Clean & unique Modern Design
  • Easy Customizable & Editable
  • COVID-19 Awareness Template
  • Social Awareness Template
  • Coronavirus Prevention Template
  • Free SVG Illustration Image Used

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