What is Freebielobster?

FreebieLobster is the platform where designers and developers can showcase, share and purchase the design templates. The platform allows you to share web templates, mobile app designs, icons, UI elements, download the templates of UI/UX for your websites, web applications, and mobile applications.

The website has templates that are proven to be extremely user-friendly and enrich the user experience. The themes are in variety so you can choose the one that is suitable for your usage and purpose.

Who can submit designs?

Whoever has registered on the site by accepting all the terms, can submit the designs.

How can I submit my work?

  1. Sign up on the website and in the upper toolbar to the right corner of the website, click on the “Sell with us” button on the
  2. Provide the essential respective credentials and click on submit.
  3. Your submission will be reviewed by Freebielobster team. Post-approval you will receive a notification and will get your profile live over the dashboard within 48Hrs.
  4. If you are a verified user then your design will directly get displayed on the dashboard

What kind of designs can I submit?

The platform will accept all types of UI/UX designs for websites and applications, graphic designs, and generic website templates.

How will I know if my submission was showcased?

You can check the status of your profile on the website. Also we will send you an email to notify the approval of your submission. However, it will take up to 24hrs to 48 hrs to receive an email.

Why didn’t you showcase my submission?

There can be several reasons for your submission to be rejected. However, here are the two most common reasons for declining your submission approval:

  1. Your design is not well finished and is not aesthetic enough. We prefer to showcase the work that will inspire other creators and is innovative enough to download.
  2. The preview of your design does not meet the specified dimensions (800 x 600).

How can I report someone as not the creator?

You can reach out to us on hello@freebielobster.com with proofs supporting your claim.

What is a verified user?

A verified user is the one who has been special privileges by Freebielobster community. When the verified user makes a submission to Freebielobster, it will be directly showcased on the dashboard without waiting for approval.

I’m a verified member, why was my submission deleted?

In some rare cases, we may delete submission even from the verified users if it does not meet the Freebielobster visions, terms and requirements.

How Can I become a verified user?

Freebielobster team will review your registration to validate your account and if your designs meet our terms and requirements consequently for certain attempts, we will grant you as a verified user.

How Can I create a profile?

You can use any social media account to log in to Freebielobster